30 March 2012

glass blowing workshop 01.

my department has organized a glass blowing workshop: today we had the first studio session. I had never worked with glass before: it was extremely interesting and pleasant to be in the glass studio with my friends. I decided to take some photographs to document each session - today I have taken many!
my 8 favourite shots from today:

✻ I will upload 8 photos every time.
today I have learnt how to gather the glass onto the pipe - which isn't as easy as it seems.
I am looking forward to the next studio session - next thursday!

26 March 2012

100 feeders (9).

today I was once again in my studio working on the feeders: this time from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. I have managed to complete 30 feeders!
documenting the 9th week of work:

80 feeders are now completed.
it has been a long and productive day: I am tired but happy. I probably won't be able to work on more feeders this week - except for a few on wednesday afternoon: unfortunately my schedule is packed.
P.S. even though I have blogged twice about 100 Feeders on the same day - I still hope you will have time to read and leave your feedback on both posts. thank you!

100 feeders (8).

last week was really busy - but still I have managed to work on some feeders: on friday afternoon in-between two classes and yesterday in Jacopo's company.
documenting the 8th week of work:

✻ 50 feeders done - 50 to go!
I have decided to install one extra feeder outside my studio's window: I am going to use it as a test feeder.
installing my test feeder:
many thanks to Jacopo for helping me!
I am curious to see when the birds will start coming to eat: I will watch the feeder closely and report everything.

22 March 2012

newspaper cuts 6.

Anne is my official collector of snippets dedicated to birds. today we met for tea at our favourite café and she brought me some articles from Helsingin Sanomat.
snippets about birds:

✻ I love the page dedicated to the tikka - one of my favourite birds.
thank you so much Anne for making my day with these snippets! lately I have been very busy with various projects and courses - but things are much easier since I have the support of my friends.
I am such a lucky bird!

20 March 2012

sketches of tove.

last monday I had the idea to ask my friends and readers to sketch my cat Tove: after one week I got 7 sketches.
sketches of Tove:

© Anne Muszynski

© Annika Solehmainen

© Emilia Balitro

© Myriam Van Neste

© Justyna Turek

© Anne Muszynski

© Amanda Jansson
I really like these sketches because they are all different and spontaneously done. I wish I had many more!
♥ special thanks to Anne, Annika, Emilia, Myriam, Justyna and Amanda!

18 March 2012

more darkroom please.

I have been so busy with many other things lately - that I hand't had the chance to be in my darkroom for a long time until today. when Jacopo and I saw the sun shining this morning - we decided it was about time to go out and take some portraits: we packed the the mamiya RB67 and took the first bus to Otaniemi.
prints from a 120 ilford hp5+

✻ I took three portraits of Jacopo and he took three portraits of me.
as soon as we finished our roll the weather turned bad: I am happy we went out so early in the morning for a sunday. since I live in Helsinki - when spring comes I always feel an urge to wake up early to enjoy as much sun as I can.
♥ I feel so good after being in my darkroom: I really wish I had more time to spend that way!

16 March 2012

100 feeders (7).

I have spent the past two days in my studio: it is time to give some numbers. on wednesday I have managed to paint the base of all the remaining boxes: the most boring job is done! yesterday I have decorated some: I have now 35 decorated boxes and 65 more ready for decoration.
documenting the seventh week of work:

✻ it is getting harder to come up with new decorations - but each feeder still looks different from one another. will people like them?
next week I am starting two more workshops - which means that I will have less time to dedicate to my 100 Feeders project. I do not really want to start counting down the weeks - but I need to finish decorating the boxes as soon as I can. not to mention that I still have to customize each of them into a bird feeder and print the 100 postcards. I am going to need a lot of cheering and support!