24 April 2014

travelling north.

we spent the Easter holidays in Oulu: during those five days we ate a lot of delicious home-cooked food and we also went on a few photographic excursions. I took my Nikomat EL with me and a couple of film rolls: I will share some of my favourite photographs from those over the next couple of weeks. let me begin with the ones I took during our long drive to the north.
travelling north:
Nikomat EL - Kodak 400
the drive from Helsinki to Oulu takes approximately six hours but it always takes a bit longer if you are stopping every once in a while to take photographs. I must have taken these somewhere in Keski-Suomi: the northern we went the colder it became and some of the lakes were still partly frozen. thankfully there were going to be some lovely sunny days ahead - even though we did not know that yet. I find that old and rusty iron bridge extremely fascinating!