16 April 2014

adox color implosion II.

the more I look at the photographs I took with the ADOX Color Implosion the more I like them: I really need to get my hands on some more rolls of this special film! meanwhile here are a few more of those I took that Saturday in Kivinokka with Jacopo: I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.
ADOX Color Implosion - part II:
Nikon FM - ADOX Color Implosion
Jacopo is the author of the second photograph: one of the rare cases when I actually like myself in a picture. the colours of these three are slightly darker than the ones of the previous photographs I have shared - though I am still very pleased with them.

P.S. tomorrow we are leaving on a little trip to Northern Finland for the Easter holidays. I wish you all a very happy Easter! I will be back on Passer Domesticus after the holidays.