19 May 2009

I'm doing things and I'm doing them with you.

you wouldn't believe what I've found out.

I have never been feeling
so peaceful as I am
now that
I am doing things with Jacopo.

this is what came out of my dear old nikon:

and a couple of polaroids
from my mamyia:

if anybody knows
the true story of this old school building,
please, let us know more about it!


  1. I'm crying.
    it was amazing. and I can say, everything we are doing and the way we are doing it is special.
    thank you for this.

    the place is fantastic.
    never been in such a great place like this ;)

  2. wonderful. very aery photos. but it s good u rnt a ghost though.

  3. thanks girls (: I really appreciate your compliments as always <3

  4. I bet we don't have a single place like that in sweden. sssso jealous!

  5. but you have much more tho and the country works (:

  6. i know !! i love it !!

    and i love this aswell !! going photoshooting with ones love is heaven !!

  7. I hope one day we will be going all together to places like this!