06 June 2009

bird afraid.

sad note of the day.

and this is the italian translation.
maybe, some of you could read it?


  1. dont get disappointed. dont let anybody put you down. if you like what you do and if you believe in yourself you're gonna do great. art is always subjective and im sure many people will like your art.

  2. oh little polly bird dont b afraid no. emma s right. plus there r so many ppl who love what u do. not everyone can appreciate the same things. but this has nothing to do with how good u r. n u r good. cant wait to see ur liminal book actually. ♥

  3. thank you both emme and amanda. I know you always appreciate what I do and it really helps me to know that there's somebody out there that supports me...what I would need the most tho, would be my family to understand...but it's a bit hard for now...maybe, someday, they will.
    I am going to be strong anyways.
    thank you.

  4. My god what a cute blog! I love to read these kind of blogs that has some personality! :D Like it a lot! :D

  5. oh, moi (:
    nice! a finnish reader!
    you know i am moving to finland soon?

  6. darling sometimes the people we love the most are the ones that find it the hardest to understand us . . . they think they already know all that there is to know about our insides; but they are wrong. i love your work. xxxx