28 June 2009

letters to piera.

there were many letters to Piera Arienti,
in a cardboard box
at the flea market today.
at first I got all these letters and envelopes because of the awesome writings,
but then I had a closer look...

some of the letters are in italian, some of them in some dialect from the north of italy.
most of them were addressed to the same hospital room: 3° padiglione, room 18.

Piera had TBC.

I can't tell anything more about her story, but I assumed that she got out of the hospital after 3 years.
the last letter is a card announcing a birth of a baby, addressed apparently to Piera's home,in 1958, at least 7 years later.

does anybody know the whole story of Piera Arienti?


  1. qualcuno qui continua a trovare belle cose.
    facciamo bene ad andare in giro assieme noi due meh?


  2. che belle cose troviamo (:

  3. what an amazing amazing thing to find.
    i m stunned. if u find out bout her story u should write something.

  4. yes I wish I had the courage and the way to get to the hospital archives. haha. if I was in a movie maybe :P

  5. o if u were absolutely. but maybe u should try it out n document it somehow? that s like so exciting. but kinda fetched out of a film...
    mayb u should check some adrs on the letters or some names?

  6. I was thinking I may try to write to the latest address :)

  7. *_* ma è davvero da film!

  8. oh yes try. n if u try then u must let us know. yay.

  9. hai ragione giulia darling...certe volte i film sono così reali...o meglio, la realtà è così da pellicola cinematografica ;)

  10. veramente una storia interessante

  11. *___*
    emi ha un blog :D