20 June 2009

liminal installation art.

"Liminal" is finally complete.

look at the whole of it.

watch the video of the installation art:

backstage photography © Jacopo

*thank you so much to everyone
who was there for me
on friday the 19th.


  1. mmm sembra che qui qualcuna si sia diplomata eh :D e con una bellissima installazione *___*

    congratulations polly!

  2. più che laureata...diplomata/disoccupata :D


  3. i wish i had been there. liminal is genius. both the photos n the texts. very very well done. u should b proud of urself.

  4. thank you amanda.

    marco <3

  5. looks really interesting! i actually checked with ryanair if there were any cheap flights for milano but of course there weren't any. thought it would have been cool to just pop over for a weekend, check it out and be off, smooth and easy - but no. next time!

  6. ah nejjj. it would have been so nice to have you here!
    keep on check daily for cheap flights, please!

  7. we should organize a global meeting in milano cause evvverybody wants to go to there. when your global project is finished an all - a multi national party :D