17 July 2009

arrivederci milano.

I always get pensive,
before I start to travel again.


this is an old copy book. one of those with metal rings to keep paper sheets. it was my mother's for a long time, then it was mine, when I was younger. I've decided I am taking it with me again, to keep some soon-to-come new paper sheets. the artwork is beautiful.

I am leaving for Helsinki on Monday.
* my real friends will get letters.
ciao ciao.


  1. mi sono venute le lacrime agli occhi... a questo punto dire che mi mancherai mi sembra superfluo. ti voglio bene. <3

  2. dont worry, you ll have a great time there and you shouldnt be sad since you are going back to your hometown again.
    its interesting to read how you feel about your hometown...cos i have been in so many different places since i was born that i dont really have a place that feels like a home town to me.

  3. grazie emi <3

    emma, you have one of the most interesting life ever and I must admit I would have loved to be travelling so much since I was younger. thank you for such a deep comment (: <3

  4. write from finland. i ll give u an adr if u promise to.