30 August 2009

suomi old founds.

I have decided to share some of the precious antique photographs I've found during my flea markets wondering about in Finland.

Finland is a perfect place to find treasures: my collection has grown quite alot and I am very pleased to see my old album almost completed.
I also got a special present: another antique album, in blue, decorated with a ship on the front. thank you, Jacopo.


  1. these are gorgeous little lady xx

  2. what beautiful pictures u found. impressive. the 2 dead ladies r my favourite ones.

  3. thank you both! I was extremely pleased to find them!

    amanda, it is so interesting that you said straight away that they are dead. I was infact wondering if the pencil cross was there for that meaning...it was likely infact. it's extremely impressive if you think that there are crosses even in the ones with the kids in school...

  4. oh yes i just saw the pictures of the kids from up close.
    i know for a fact that in some places they d cross the dead ppl in the photos. so maybe that s the case here as well. makes ur discoveries even more spectacular. ;)
    o n whats ur email?

  5. ah that's an interesting one! kind of spooky actually...

    I will post my email to your myspace mail ;)