26 October 2009

antilooppi & tutkimusmatkaaja.

*these two lovely and complicated words are my first memory of miia.
today I feel like the happiest person in the world: the sun is shining, my little plant has now two white tiny flowers, and I got the most wonderful mix tape from my dear miia.

have you ever seen anything more arty?


  1. (: I love when you blog the letters you recive!
    when you have the mp3s on itunes will you send me?

    moi moi rakas (:

  2. I will send you the mp3 when you're online.
    I also got Fanfarlo's album. I will send that one also.


  3. i love to make handmade mixtapes! shall i make one for you these days,? than i'll send it to italy.
    (oh, and i just love this 'alina orlova' from your last.fm list. never heard of her before...)

  4. that would be wonderful if you would want to (:
    then I will post you one (:
    where can I send you a private mail with my address?

    alina orlova is wonderful. she's from lituania.
    do you have last.fm?

  5. wow very nice. mixtapes r always art.

  6. aren't they? (: miia is a lovely person. she should join us in the house of the very nice people ;)

  7. wonderful! i think my private mail is on my profile page (but also here: martha_verschaffel(at)hotmail(dot)com).
    looking forward to this!

    (oh yes, i do have last.fm, here i am: http://www.last.fm/user/en-gallop)

  8. oh wow (: this is a happy day (:
    I'll write you an email right now!

    p.s. en-gallop: just like joanna newsom's song. woop woop!