01 October 2009


I like to spend my evenings doing quiet things such has writing, drawing or baking.
here's what me and Jacopo did yesterday: a little birdhouse. we built it and paint it afterwards.

in the north everyone has at least one birdhouse per garden. it was a pleasure for the eyes to see those lovely birds rest to get food and water. once we even saw a whole group of little red birdhouses called "birds hotel". it was heart-warming.
*in milano people want to get rid of birds: they even sell poison against them. I think that somebody who doesn't like birds is a bad person.


  1. ppl who dont liek animals n so should all die.
    but poison them omg isnt that like totally illegal ro sthg?

  2. I know. :( it's so sad...and they also have these sort of spikes they put on balconies and stuff so that pigeons won't rest there. It's so unfair. people hates pigeons. I think they're lovely just like other birds...

  3. the best birdhouse (:
    I think is pretty good looking and Jaarmo will love it as soon as he will try to fly a bit outside of his cage (;

  4. omg. jaarmo s gonna fly outside his cage? that sounds really wonderful for him. yay. so there ll b a free bird in ur gaff. woohoo.

    in athens they hang some crazy cds to scare pigeons off. but dont worry really they r still everywhere. i dont think man can mess with birds. ;)

  5. oh yes (: jaarmo is flying outside his cage sometime...the problem is that my housemate paul hates it. and so I have to wait when he's not in the house...


  6. mum's little bird regina died today. she just told me. very sad story. well can we please let jaarmo out for a sec when i m there? secretly? can he be touched or is he wild?

  7. he's so wild. he flies up to the lamp light and he stays there polishing is feathers :-P but he's so cute!
    Im so sorry for the bird that died :(

  8. I love that you made that in one evening! It's lovely. I love hearing bird's sing, sometimes at night I can hear an owl hooting.

  9. oh wow. that is awesome (: an owl! where do you live? in milano i can't here any bir but my Jaarmo <3