05 November 2009

danke passy.

my dear friend Pascal sent me a really nice postcard from the Tate Modern, London. I thought I'd share it with you.


  1. like. it s a cool one. but i think i got u one u ll like even better. :P
    i was thinkin of handing u the things. but since u might be later i ll consider sending everythg after all.

  2. aww <3
    a letter from you will really make me happy my dear :( I am having such a bad sore throat still and days here are grey.
    I hope I can visit soon soon.

  3. hahahah. grey here as well. no sun in 20 days. i v been counting. lol. but it ll b brughter when u r here anyway! ok i ll see if i send it off tomorro then. kiss.