25 January 2010


this is a special preview of my portfolio*
what do you think?
[a few more images are missing because they can't be published yet.]
*second step to the University of Art and Design Helsinki.


  1. É veramente bello! <3

  2. bellissimo portfolio davvero!

  3. grazie mille (:
    sono contenta di questi apprezzamenti!

  4. wow, that is awesome!

  5. it seems that you build this box with all your love!

  6. Anonymous25.1.10

    che bello, anche la nadina boselli!
    sarebbe felice secondo me... :)))
    vorrei troppo passarti della altre foto...anche solo per il tuo archivio...dopo sarà davvero come avere un album di famiglia globale: tanti ricordi di famiglia = una sola famigia di ricordi... :)
    ti potrei fare un disco...se vuoi...
    cora k.

  7. thank you erika and claus.

    grazie cora. è un bel pensiero. chissà se il project recollection interesserà a più persone?

  8. claus = passy, isn't it? (: <3

  9. waw, the presentation is perfect! not so easy to present photos in an original and sober way. but you really succeeded!
    i'm working on my portfolio since july and i think it's one of the most difficult things i've ever worked on.

    my favourite one is the double selfportrait (the 22nd)!

    (oh, and i noticed my grandfather! i am really honoured to be a part of this)

  10. thank you so much martha. I treasure your opinion as always, since you know how much I appreciate your work as an artist.

    portfolio's are infact so hard to build. and once you've done it, it's hard to be totally satisfied with it.

    right now I am writing a portfolio description sheet, and that it's not easy at all. but I am trying to do my best (:

    p.s. of course your grandpfather is there: it is one of my favourite stories and photographs of the project! - thanks again!

  11. Cool, you missed to tell me about this :D
    Sono molto belle anche in foto :)

  12. tel'ho detto eccome :D e tu hai anche detto che mi avrebbe portato sfortuna questo blog :P hehe. spero di no (;

  13. ;) p e r f e c t.
    n what u wrote s poetry. u r a star.