21 July 2010

tämä on vasta alkusoittoa #1.

I like so much this phrase I have almost no trouble to remember it in finnish.
these are just overtures.

we booked a hotel to find a home

by the sea it's lovely, but you have to watch out for the seagulls: they may steal your kanelipulla.

to reach my soon-home-to-be you have to get a metro that goes across the sea: what a beautiful view. around the house there are birch trees and some pieni lintuja.

the sounds of baby seagulls, ruis leipä and valjo jäätelö puffet, my friend Maisa, kiasma, the botanical garden are a few of the things I love the most in Helsinki.

I wish I could own a bear just like the one outisde the museum of finnish history and culture.

✻✻✻ these were some polaroids from our "finland book":
P.S. the 35mm we took will be posted as soon as it gets developed!


  1. Anonymous21.7.10

    I love you <3
    non posso commentare diversamente questo bellissimo blogpost <3

  2. Anonymous22.7.10

    i miss you <3

  3. wow wow polly. ur posts r so happy making. <3

  4. How dreamy !!
    It makes me think about the world and how magic it is to simply visit it ! How lucky we are !
    More more more !

  5. thanks everyone my dears (: <3
    it was indeed a lovely trip and I can't wait to live in helsinki (:
    I'll post more on friday when we get the 35mm photos.

    Jacopo <3<3<3

  6. Marco22.7.10

    Helsinki in queste foto sembrerebbe molto bella ma poi se ci vai senti la puzza de melda =D

  7. baby seaguls <3

  8. hahahaha marco :P :P :P

    emi i baby seagulls ti aspettano <3