22 August 2010

kuuluisa korkeasaari.

✻ helsingissa.

the past few days were perfect to re-visit some of our favourite places: the design museum - where there was an expo dedicated to Oiva Toikka, and the notorious korkeasaari zoo.

♡ Jacopo and I made two owls necklaces for eachother.

weekend second hand and fleamarket shopping resulted in some precious findings such as this little wooden table for breakfast and more:

this jacket perfect for autumn and this 70's school bag:
P.S. my school is starting tomorrow!


  1. Anonymous22.8.10

    <3 truly lovely time together here in Helsinki (:
    the weekends are always about finding something in the fleas and visiting places.
    we can't get bored of all this (:

  2. we never get bored together <3 (:

  3. che belle cose e che belli che siete voi *-*
    mi mancate molto...
    in bocca al lupo per la scuola domani sono sicura che sarà un'esperienza meravigliosa :)

  4. crepi il lupo (povero lupo -.-).
    grazie emi (:

  5. wow this is all amazing. jacopo will come back very soon. also u have to tell bout first school day my dear SOUTH ITALIAN SON!!! <3

  6. haha south italian son :D
    first day was okay... very tiring (: