19 August 2010

matka pohjoiseen.

✻ travelling north.
Jacopo and I spent a week with his grandparents.
we had a beautiful time at their mökki - the traditional finnish summerhouse - then we travelled to Oulu, where Jacopo was born in the very north of Finland.

♡ on the way to the mökki we stopped in Seinäjoki to see Miia.

what you do at a mökki is go to pick up blue berries in the forest, go by boat, do lots of sauna and swimming.
we also took plenty of photographs with my agfa clack and some polaroids SX 70.

♡ it is always so lovely when we see Ukki and Mummi: they are extremely sweet and they gifted us with such useful stuff for the house in Helsinki! - above all a beautiful design carpet.
Thank you Matti and Kyllikki!

Oulu - this polaroid is so special to me because it represents what it could be one of my dream houses of all times... and guess what? it's for sale!


  1. Anonymous19.8.10

    it is impossible to put in words my feelings. it was more than a nice trip <3

  2. exactly. my words are never enough to explain how I feel. the images may be better though <3

  3. ah so fantastic u lucky ones!! these photos r so great n the places too. maybe i ll see just a few of them sometime.

  4. I really hope so amanda: these places are really worth seeing. and you deserve it aswell (: <3

  5. beautiful beautiful beautiful, that whole serie is so poetic and nostalgic.
    that blue tone is so precious, and you guys are so photogenic !!

  6. alice *_* thank you for such nice words!
    when I took the photo of the house I thought about a home for alice. maybe me and jacopo should send the polaroid to you for the project!

  7. che paradiso *-*
    andiamo tutti a vivere assieme nella casa rossa? :)

  8. non è rossa la casa :P è verde tonta! :D haha. ma forse tu parli degli infissi, come sempre (: <3