03 February 2011


Jacopo has moved to live with me and february has started. today it was snowing again and we went to the best place in Vuosaari. Mamiya rb67 was a delightful companion during our morning walk.
Kahvila Villa Ullas

✻ I strongly recommend to stop by Villa Ullas for a coffee and a pulla!
According to Fmi.fi the lenght of the day is getting longer. I can't wait for more outdoor activties and more photographs.


  1. what a nice good morning walk we had <3

  2. and what lovely pullas we had :D <3

  3. aaaaw all the photos r beyond amazing. this place looks like a dream! 3 n 6 r my favourites!

  4. you should really come to this place amanda. the cafè is really beyond amazing. everything is baked there and the prices are extremely cheap. most of the kahvila's here in Helsinki are really too expensive - this place instead is cozy and totally affordable :)

  5. <3 bellissime foto!
    vi penso sempre

  6. che tenera che sei, coi tuoi messaggi. ti voglio bene emini <3