03 April 2011


"kevät tulee melko myöhään, vasta huhtikuussa. kevät on lyhyt. kevällä lumi sulaa."
spring comes quite late, at the end of april. spring is short. in spring snow melts.

♥ it is time for ice-cream again!
even though spring here comes much later than I was used to - I have started to recognize and appreciate the first signs of kevät: the temperature doesn't almost go below zero anymore, the snow is slowly melting, the ice of the Baltic Sea is cracking up, the seagulls are coming back to Helsinki and the very first rain (since october!) has started falling from the sky - at the moment the length of the day is 13 hours and 27 minutes!
polaroid type 100 triple dip expired #3 - blue peel-apart polaroids:

✻ we went to Suomenlinna for the fake finn festival of experimental arts.

✻ the blue pack of polaroids was perfect for the mood of the day.

Jacopo took this impressive photo on the ferry back to Helsinki.
I like that this post is all BLUE TONE.


  1. *__*

    I hope this will be only the beginning of our spring/summer/whatever trips to anywhere <3

  2. sei un TIPPALEIPÄ ♥♥♥

  3. i think that the blue toned one is my favourite!!!
    great film.
    also, beautiful shots both of u.

  4. thank you <3 I also think that the blue one is probably the best one and it was also the best preserved of the three, according to the results :)

  5. quel gelato lì <3

  6. quel gelato lì non l'hai ancora provato :( devi tornare assolutamente! <3