06 May 2011

newspaper cuts 2.

✻ more newspaper cuts about animals.

mäyrä = badger

tikka = woodpecker

pöllö = owl

orava = squirrel
since I have started collecting them - it doesn't go one day without an article dedicated to animals on Metro. it is a pleasure to see how many wild animals are living so close to Helsinki.


  1. u r lucky u live in helsinki! hahahaha! ;) good work with the collecting.

  2. Anne6.5.11

    These newspaper snippets are so wonderful! It's nice that such ordinary but cute news bits get into the newspaper, even into Helsingin Sanomat!

  3. thanks Amanda :) I feel like I am very lucky indeed. the nature is so close here!

    and thanks Anne for appreciating the snippets (and now I know also that this is a better word for "cuts" :D) - I didn't know that they had them in helsingin sanomat also, it's great :)

  4. Not to mention that I am always bringing you the latest snippet of the day when I get back from work <3

  5. I know I know, good boy :D <3