16 September 2011

foraging and gardening in the city.

foraging and gardening in the city has been the first workshop I have attended to in TAIK - since the start of this autumn semester. it was a truly intense and inspiring experience - which lasted a whole week.
photographs from the workshop week:
we had spent our days biking around Helsinki - looking for fruits and vegetables growing in public spaces and visiting gardens within the city area. at the end of the week each one of the workshop participants had to prepare a small intervention inspired by what we saw and talked about.
my intervention is Basket of Flowers:
✻ I have collected branches fallen from trees and prepared some flowers to decorate one of the busiest spot in the city of Helsinki. Basket of Flowers was in Unioninkatu for a little less than a week - until somebody took it away. I hope I had given to somebody a pleasing taste of Nature in the city.
in Gallery Atski - 8th floor in TAIK - there is a small exhibition documenting all the intervention works related to the foraging and gardening in the city workshop. you have time to go and see it until the 30th of september!


  1. oh wow! beautiful photos... and beautiful basket! lovely idea ♥

  2. thank you :-) I am happy you like the photographs as I like yours very much every time you post some!

  3. che meraviglia il cestino, sono davvero commossa <3

  4. รจ stato un workshop meraviglioso! :-)