21 November 2011

old negatives.

it is quite easy to find old photographs in flea markets - but what about old negatives? I had been looking for some in Valtteri and found only a few: three large black and white negatives probably from the 50's/60's.
darkroom prints:
my favourite - the photographer must have nailed the exposition: it was quite easy to print.
✻ the negative was quite overexposed - but I really like the subject. could that building be Turun linna?
the hardest to print: it was clearly shot towards the sun and the figures turned out very dark.
I wonder if these three photographs were all shot with the same camera: according to the focus it must have been an agfa with a fixed lens - like my clack.
printing old negatives is so very interesting: I am going to look for more. maybe my friends could send me a few - if they have some: it would be such a wonderful gift!


  1. wonderful! i hope u find some more soon!!!

  2. thank you Amanda :-) I hope so too! unfortunately it's not that easy, but I won't give up!

  3. che belle foto :) chissà chi erano queste persone e in che occasioni le hanno scattate... è affascinante pensarci *-* certo che un tempo alla fotografia si dava proprio un valore diverso da oggi!
    bel lavoro pollyni <3

  4. sì! ho pensato che la prima delle tre potrebbe sere stata scattata ad una festa/matrimonio all'aperto; la seconda è sicuramente durante un viaggio e la terza è alla stazione, magari in occasione della partenza di quel gruppo di amiche :-)

  5. wonderful idea! i really like that we get to see the test and the final print :)~
    i actually have some old negatives from my grandmother... i'd love to see them scanned and printed!
    alond with regular negatives i also found some glass negatives... that was a fun discovery, since i had never seen or heard of that before :)

  6. oh you are so lucky to have found some belonging to your family! I think my family doesn't have any negatives left :-(