18 January 2012

letter from joey.

today I have got a beautiful letter from my friend Joey: it made me very happy. Joey is the only person from my previous school who has kept on writing me letters regularly since I have moved to finland - which makes her even more dear to me.

✻ she has sent some old photographs: she got them for me in a flea market.

✻ she has sent a birthday card too.
♥ thank you Joey!
letters from friends are truly among the sweetest of pleasures for me.


  1. so sweet :)
    and the photos are truly beautiful!

    1. thank you, Joana :-)

      you are also among one of those beautiful people who still communicates with real letters!

  2. Anonymous22.1.12

    I hope you will keep up this beautiful letter-sharing blog posts, because the content of each envelope that lands in out mailbox is worth to be shared: beautiful things :)

    1. yes! I told you we have the happiest mail box in Helsinki ;-)