22 January 2012

my feature on le ombre nel cielo.

Dear Readers
I am writing this post to let you know that Jacopo decided to have me featuring a music article on Le Ombre nel Cielo.

from the introduction he has just posted:

✻ you can read it all on: ombrenelcielo.wordpress.com.

I am flattered that Jacopo asked me to write about music: I am not a writer - but when it comes down to music I know what I really like. every week I will be writing about a different artist.
if you are inspired by music yourself - follow my feature on Le Ombre nel Cielo: once a week there will be something new to listen to!


  1. can't wait to see your features and get to know new artists!

    by the way, i don't' know if you have heard 'noiserv', he's a portuguese artist i listen to a lot and that i believe you'll like :)

    1. I will check it out on spotify right now and let you know :-)
      thanks for the advice!

  2. ma tutte queste new features? :D
    ormai siete diventati veri e propri blogger!