12 March 2012

fan art of my cat.

an idea came to me when I have found Anne's sketch of Tove on my desk - when I got back home yesterday.
I have spent the weekend in Turku with Jacopo and we left the keys of the apartment to our dear friend Anne - to feed our cat Tove while we were away. Anne enjoys sketching and she left a surprise sketch for us in the apartment.
Anne's sketch of Tove:

I really like this sketch because it is simple and spontaneous.
while I was scanning it I thought to ask to my friends and readers to sketch my cat and then send their sketches to me.
for those who haven't met Tove yet:

she is a beautiful lady cat - who looks a lot like an owl.
to participate to this little FAN ART OF MY CAT project - all you have to do is:
1) take a moment of your time to sketch Tove.
2) scan your sketch or take a good photograph of it.
3) e-mail the result to me - ask me for my e-mail.
if I get at least 5 sketches I will publish them here on Passer Domesticus next monday - with your name and details. you have time to do your sketch and send it to me until sunday at 11.30 pm. if I don't get any sketch I won't publish any.
now go and sketch!


  1. aaaa devo assolutamente trovare il tempo di sketchareeee *-*

  2. oh wow. i think i might take a shot if i find the time :) although i think drawing cats is quite difficult...

    1. I'd love it if you could do a sketch too! :-)

  3. i have just realized how your cat looks exactly like an owl on the 2nd photo :)

  4. Replies
    1. Justyna dear, I hope you'll sketch Tove,
      since I know how much you love her! ;-)