18 March 2012

more darkroom please.

I have been so busy with many other things lately - that I hand't had the chance to be in my darkroom for a long time until today. when Jacopo and I saw the sun shining this morning - we decided it was about time to go out and take some portraits: we packed the the mamiya RB67 and took the first bus to Otaniemi.
prints from a 120 ilford hp5+

✻ I took three portraits of Jacopo and he took three portraits of me.
as soon as we finished our roll the weather turned bad: I am happy we went out so early in the morning for a sunday. since I live in Helsinki - when spring comes I always feel an urge to wake up early to enjoy as much sun as I can.
♥ I feel so good after being in my darkroom: I really wish I had more time to spend that way!


  1. Bellissima!!!
    I love the feel of these photos - I can feel the warmth of the sunshine and the *crunch* *crunch* of the snow beneath the feet. :)
    A wonderful Sunday indeed!

    1. aw thank you so much, Charlyn! :-)
      the snow was crunchy indeed and the sun was extremely warm!

  2. more darkroom indeed! they turned out lovely!!!

  3. belli loro <3

  4. beautiful photos (once again!)
    that could be the most perfect background ever :)

  5. great pictures <3
    sometimes the sun just is too good.
    we need to cherish these sunny moments now, and prepare for the summer :)