11 May 2012

birds from the rest of the world.

I usually posts about local birds - but a few days ago I came across a copy of an old beautiful book called Maapallon Eläimiä Värikuvina - Pictures in Colour of the Earth's Animals - and I wanted to share some special images from it. I have chosen my favourite 10 pictures of birds from all the continents - but Europe.
birds from the rest of the world:
Africa, America, Asia, Oceania.
there is nothing better than looking through the pages of an old book about animals - it is one of the best way for me to get inspired. ♥ birds are the most enchanting creatures of the world!


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    1. yes! :-) the finnish names for birds are beautiful!

  2. i colori sono così fantasiosi che sembrano animali inventati *-* che belliiiii <3

    1. lo sapevo che avresti apprezzato, Emi! :-)

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    1. oh, it is beautiful, isn't it? :-)