15 June 2012

a surprise from miia.

this morning the postman rang my bell: a big packet has arrived from Seinäjoki - so big that I had to scan it in parts.
a surprise from Miia:
✻ an estonian bird voices record from 1970's - I really need to get my record player sent over from Milano!
many thanks to Miia: she always sends the most beautiful surprises wrapped up in the most beautiful handmade packages.
P.S. some other beautiful birdish surprises from the past few days:
✻ from Kasia and Asia
✻ from Anne
♥ thank you very much my dear friends!


  1. Oooo! So wonderful!
    I also really like the photo from Anne.

    Happy Friday!

    1. thank you, Charlyn! :-)

      Anne cut out that beautiful picture from the newspaper for me: it is part of an article dedicated to one of my favourite finnish nature photographers, Heikki Willamo!

      http://heikkiwillamo.blogspot.fi/ (this website is in swedish, but you can get an idea of his works!)

  2. what a sweet surprise! the package is so cute as well :)

    and the bird on the photo anne gave you is adorable looking!

    1. thank you, Joana! :-) I was very happy when I got this wonderful packet!

  3. It's a shame we haven't yet grabbed a record player but this could be a great chance, what do you think Polly?

    1. absolutely! let's do so, as soon as we spot an interesting and affordable one! ;-)