13 July 2012

evolution of the impossible project.

earlier today our first pack of PX 680 COOL has finally arrived. Jacopo and I have tested the film in bright day light and the result was impressive. the PX 680 COOL is the 5th type of film released by The Impossible Project: I have used all 5 and they have improved a lot since 2010.
evolution of The Impossible Project:
in chronological order:
my first PX 100 taken on 21.04.2010
my first PX 600 taken on 07.06.2010
my first PX 70 taken on 09.08.2010
my first PX 680 taken on 09.06.2011
my first PX 680 COOL taken today.
PX 680 COOL - the portrait that Jacopo took of me earlier today.
since it needs warm temperatures and bright light - summer is the only time of the year to enjoy this type of film in Finland: I will make the most of it!


  1. you should! they look amazing, and very different from each other. the first ones look like extremely old photos (i remember seeing some of my mother's that looked like that)

    and you look absolutely beautiful (and happy) in today's photo!

    1. thank you so much, dear Joana! it's interesting to look at them all together! still, I am so happy about how the new film turned out! :-)

  2. warm temperatures and bright light: true, but it's now quite clear that the film itself is stable enough to handle "everyday" usage.

    I am impressed!

    1. yes! me too! let's shoot more of these, please! :-) ♥

  3. Oooo! Such great results, Polly!

    I used my 1st pack of PX680 this weekend and none of them turned out. I am completely disappointed! :(

    1. oh, I am very sorry to hear that! :-( I wonder why... did you get them online or where? a couple of months ago me and Jacopo got some in a store and they did not work at all - they were PX 680 though, not the PX 680 COOL, which are the newer version, and they were also expired. I hope you will be more lucky next time!

  4. Will you teach me this Polly?

    ♥ ♥ ♥