14 August 2014

parco dello stelvio part VII.

this is the final post dedicated to our hiking holidays in Parco dello Stelvio: I cannot believe a month has already passed since then. on the last day Jacopo and I hiked down the mountains with two heavy backpacks and our cameras at hand: it was an intense but spectacular walk.
Parco dello Stelvio - part seven:
Nikomat EL - Kodak 200
the more we hiked down the hotter it became and when finally the first trees appeared the landscape looked suddenly really different from what we were used to at 2127m. it was hard to leave the fresh air and the quietness of the mountain heights of Clevio! I hope we will be back to Val di Rezzalo one day soon: I do not want to wait 18 more years before visiting again!

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