31 December 2015

ends and beginnings.

2015 has been very good to me and I can only hope 2016 will be as kind! I will not share my new year's resolution though I have to make a big announcement: I have switched to digital photography. I already know that many of you will not like this and perhaps will lose interest in this blog but I am happy with my decision and I will try to explain why.

first of all I had become too critical towards my photographs: in a roll of 36 shots I hardly found more than four or five I really liked and that was a waste of money and time. secondly waiting for the lab to develop my rolls had become tedious and the quality of the developing had decreased: is it really worth to pay and wait for a roll with scratches? last but not least Finland and her long winters did it for me: film simply did not deliver on dark days.

at the beginning of December I finally made up my mind: I have chosen a Nikon Df which is not that different from an analogue Nikon and allows me to work with the lenses I already have. I brought my Nikon Df to Italy during the Christmas break and had a wonderful time: I took photographs in the most spontaneous way without feeling guilty about the waste of film. I will share my first digital shots at the beginning of next year and I am looking forward to reading your comments about them and my decision.
Happy new year to you all!

My Nikon Df and I
© Jacopo

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