24 December 2009

ines and ebe.

ines is my grandmother ebe's younger sister, but I just call her auntie. I've always thought that my great grandmother choosed such pretty and peculiar names for her daughters.
today I've been at my auntie's place and together we looked for photos of young grandma and her. here's some scannings of what we found.
*my great grandmother emilia and my great grandfather cesare.

*ines with her youngest brother: he died when he was only 2.

*young ines with her friends + ines and nino's wedding - note the kissing!

*some of nino's family in australia.

*my grandma and ines with my dad as a young fellow - note the one picturing my dad and his dog jimmy!

*some shots from the '70s - dad as a skinny young man.

*a few pages of two passports of ines, when she was working in switzerland as a waitress.

plus, we found a portable record player that my auntie got when she was young. it is still in a decent condition and I hope I will be able to make it work!

wonderful treasures and precious memories.


  1. oh super uao, che bellissime cose. sono tutte così belle Polly <3 e guarda i passaporto come sono! uao! non vedo l'ora di vederli dal vivo, vero che me li fai vedere? (: ci terreri (:

  2. certo che sì (:
    appena arrivi ti mostro tutto e guardiamo insieme il record player (;

  3. una mattinata indimenticabile <3

  4. assolutamente <3

  5. these photos were really nice. great post polly.
    wow a portable record player :) i'm getting one soon for sure. show me some photos of it!

  6. this is my favourite post in a long time.
    it s so beautiful to look at all this.
    i showed mum too. n she really liked it so much.

  7. aww thanks guys!
    I will show the record player once we've polished it in all.
    merry xmas to you all my dear friends <3

  8. i'm in love with the passport-photos! the colours are so beautiful.
    it's a great post, indeed. very inspiring!

  9. thank you martha. I know you would have liked it. we have some strong similar tastes in things!
    I would really want to travel to your place some day and hang out (:

  10. you should! ghent is very small, but it's a lovely town. and you know you and jacopo are always welcome!

  11. thanks so much for this invitation (: <3

  12. ok first, great new header !! so melancholic and beautiful, and i love that yellow colour a lot.
    all these photos are just so great. looking at old photos with my grand ma is just heaven.
    and, pardon me, but "Cesare" such a class !!!! i am so gonna call my son Cesare !

  13. that so nice (: thank you alice! and cesare is a cool name I agree! <3