06 December 2009

stamp collections.

my family is facing several days of sadness: my dear grandmother had to be taken to a home for old people to get cured. for the first time in my life, I see my father upset and when I go to visit them, both my parents are really worried and tired. It's hard for me to cope with this dreadful thoughts, but some people around me are always capable to make me smile.
*from Jacopo with love.


  1. bravo jacopo for cheering polly up!

  2. <3
    I love preparing surprises for you (:

    PS: please do not pay attention to my funny english, today it is one of those days I can't follow consecutio temporum or whatelse :P

  3. i hope your beautiful grandmother will be better soon.
    but i'm sure jacopo and his little bird stamps will help you and her and your family. (i also have never seen my father really upset. it's a strange thought, indeed..)

  4. thank you martha.
    indeed jacopo is making me feel much better (:

    yeah, you know...fathers are always strong in their daughters' minds...it's a really upset feeling to see my dad so sad. I hope everything will get better soon...

  5. .
    (polly, io mi emoziono immaginando le storie che abitano nascoste nelle tue immagini. grazie ;)

  6. too sad Polly, I know the feeling, that happended to my family too. ma Jacopo ti ha fatto un regalo stupendo, sii felice di avere vicino una persona così.

  7. grazie stella. infatti sono felice per le persone che mi stanno vicine. (: