13 December 2009

sverige old founds.

while I was in stockholm, I had the time to go to my favourite antique shop in town: there, I've found some new old treasures.

*I am going to fill my precious album.


  1. diomio che belle. la donna con il mazzo di fiori. *___*

  2. beautiful old photographs.. you've found so many of them! i like them a lot
    (can you give me the adress of the antique shop? i am secretly preparing a trip to sweden for over a year now, by collecting all sorts of nice places and markets and shops.)

  3. thank you (:
    a trip to sweden is a must do yes!
    the shop address is:

    st. eriksplan

    but I don't know the exact number.
    you'll find it straight away because the street is small and the shop is in a basement and the windows are on the ground level, with lots of old forniture!

  4. beautiful. my favourite s the little girl as u know already.

  5. yes (: and that's why I posted it to you on myspace ;)

  6. thank you emma (:
    amanda told me that I can find some in athens too?
    I can't wait to visit you both!
    (not only for the photos, obviously ;) )

  7. haha yeah you can find many there too, we ll go when you come if you like. there are many shops with old photos...
    btw my fav photo here is the one with the doggy.

  8. oh yeah (:
    absolutely the one with the dog is one of the sweetest!

  9. wow, it was nice there.
    and the shop where you got these pictures was one of the best we went (:
    such great pictures and you now are about to complete the album!

  10. sono molto felice che stoccolma ti sia piaciuta! (: