14 January 2010

hyvää syntymäpäivää.

the day before my birthday...
I got this lovely birthday card from Miia!
I like the fact that it's all in finnish. and I like owls very much.
also, she sent me and emi - it's her birthday tomorrow too of course - two fazer moomins lollipops (kaksi karamellia): pikky myy and nuuskamuikkunen! I know I should eat them tomorrow, but they're just too cute and I'd like to keep them.


  1. this card s amazing. but show the lollipops as well!
    i m sorry u get sthg from us days later. hahah.

  2. amanda don't be silly. it's so awesome you're sending me a letter. and you always send me stuff. it doesn't matter if it's my birthday or not :P

    P.S. I couldn't scan the lollipops. too bad :(

  3. <3 I think this is really nice, it is a supernice pensierino for a special day, I mean, tomorrow is a special day <3
    and we are going to eat greek also. :P

  4. AWWW everyone is just being so nice to us I am speechless *____* <3
    thanks miiaaaa :D