09 January 2010

schneider kreuznach comparon 4.5/75mm.

jacopo gifted me with a lens to print 120mm film: such a magnificent present!

testing my brand new schneider kreuznach comparon 4.5/75mm.
I wasn't printing proper black and white 120mm since school time, and 35mm wasn't enough for me.
today I took out my beloved mamiya rb67 and shoot some *Betulaceae.


  1. <3 aw it is so nice you made a blogpost with these prints (:
    I think they came out so nice <3

  2. yes they did. and you are lovely.
    and thanks so so much for the wonderful gift.
    L O V E Y O U .

  3. this si amazing. really good polly. i love these shots!

  4. grazie honey.
    I am infact well impressed by this new lens (:

  5. Anonymous11.1.10

    what a wondrous soul you truly are. the wonder of the universe is kept flowing through your tide. it's taken quite a while for me to find myself in order to find you once more. to know that your well is to know the worlds heart still beats. i would wish you well but i know there is enough mystery within you to keep you forever intrigued and the world forever enchanted in your presence.
    '..Oh natura, Oh natura perche non rendi poi quel che prometti allor? Perche di tanto inganni i figlituoi?..'

    peace & love xx

  6. well. thank you for these lovely words mr anonymous..

    and those are my favourite two lines of that leopardi poem. which makes me think you knew me quite well.

    maybe you could sign next time.

  7. Anonymous11.1.10

    Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.