22 February 2010

family snapshot two.

family snapshot two: "linus' blanket"
linus had a blanket, but I had a bra. I used to carry around one of my mother's bra wherever I went to. I was totally weird even back then.


  1. Emilia22.2.10

    ti vestivi uguale ad adesso XD hahaha <3

  2. beh in effetti non era poi così lontano dal mio modo di vestire di ora :P

  3. polly! i v noticed u doing this thing with the ring! hahaha cool. next time be even cooler play with a bra. lol.
    nice photo. hahahahahah. love it.

  4. MHAHAHAHAHAH can you imagine if I would still carry the bra around? LOL!
    yes the ring is my thing now. at least I don't bite my nails (;

  5. :p oh nice picture (:
    I was willing to see these such a long time (;

  6. haha, great picture! i love the look on your face in this one..
    i had a little cousin and he carried around the most sexy satin négligé from his mother. (but i don't think he has such great pictures of it)

  7. now that is cool :D haha! I think we have something in common then :D