20 April 2010

another sunny day.

I got a beautiful letter, full of sweets, from two of my bestest friends Amanda and Emma.

also Emi and Jacopo got a postcard and a letter each; I got a postcard too and I also got a lovely colourful bird pin from amanda:
"But the pin is all yours. I used to wear it so much in the past and I found it in my drawer today and I think maybe yuo'll like it."

thank you Amanda and Emma: you send the loveliest letters and I promise I will consider your back-up plan!
Jacopo came to visit me with a wonderful and much appreciated surprise:
a finnish vintage rain poncho.
will I be able to wait for a rainy day to wear it? I think it's just perfect!


  1. ah wow. <3 that rain poncho is so cool.
    we love u much. see u soon soon. hope u ll wear the pin soemtimes. haha.

  2. hahaha and emmas handwriting how crazy!!

  3. I will first thing tomorrow (: <3
    I like it so much!
    thank you my love (:

  4. she was so nice to write both to me and jacopo <3

  5. Emilia20.4.10

    una giornata TOP :) <3

  6. puoi dirlo (: e non hai ancora visto il resto degli abiti che ho comperato... :P

  7. mexican rain jacket? haha

  8. mexican rain jackets? hahah mah? <3

  9. Luke Orion20.4.10

    That poncho is a beauty I so want something like that for the summer, jealous!

  10. oh yes it is :D I am a lucky person to have one and I won't share it :P

  11. haha.
    polly but is it possible to call ti poncho? as it has the zipper in the front?

  12. actually I would not know. but ah well. is it just a jacket? mmmh :S