21 April 2010

PX 100.

PX 100 silver shade / first flush.

finally the first order of new polaroid sx-70 has arrived! they are called PX 100 and it's the first sx-70 film that I am using in my Polaroid Land Camera 1000, that I have got back in 2006.

Jacopo has a Land Camera 1000S and today we went out to try a few first shots. the result is quite peculiar, but we have to improve our "modifying" skills.

✻ before.

✻ after.


  1. do you like them?
    the colours are soo different from everything I've ever worked with!

  2. maybe you can get them in your favorite shop in athens (:

  3. ah, you just missed to specify that the last one is all brown because I am stupid and I pressed the button while I was putting the camera into the car... :S

  4. i love the one with Jacopo on it,
    do you think the colour is always the same ?

  5. oh yes. the last one was a mistake :( but we used it to try this modifying thing (;

    alice I wouldn't know what to say about the colours. these that you can see here are all we took. we took them all in very bright light. it may change with the light and the temperature I think: it was very warm when we took ours. but the sepia thing is actually how they're supposed to look like.

  6. never seen a polaroid with that colour before.

  7. me neither. I think it's cool tho, after I got used to it :D