09 May 2010


curix RP1 agfa-gevaert
me and jacopo found out about an abandoned psychiatric hospital building that apparently was possible to enter and visit: we decided to drive there yesterday. the hospital was formed by many buildings and getting into it wasn't that easy, but we came back home with a very special souvenir: a full packet of x-rays exams taken to a few patients in 1979. we spent the rest of the afternoon in the darkroom printing the RX's and the result is quite impressive.
watch the whole serie here!
RX ????/???RX 8987/1076/205ARX 8583/203RX 7851/202
© I am glad I worked on something that time would have cancelled otherwise. I hope you will appreciate RX serie as much as I do.


  1. Emilia9.5.10

    un' ansia che non ti dico solo a vederle ste cose. perĂ² bello. complimenti.

  2. grazie emi.
    infatti sono molto forti...

  3. jesus christ polly this is beautiful, could you email me some hi-res photos of the packaging please? i am obsessed with decayed packaging x

  4. Anonymous9.5.10

    I am super glad you liked the pictures Daniel, the packaging was super wet and we had to dry it and clean it, today I've spent a couple of hours restoring it and now all the xrays are back into the original pack without the risk of being damaged (;
    the pack was super incredibly well conserved even if the place was soaking wet and cold.
    we've found also a 35mm film capturing an xray angiography *___*

  5. thank you daniel (:
    jacopo explained it well. I am going to email you some images of the packaging later then (;

  6. cool, do you know what these ppl were suffering from?

  7. no :( I wish I knew emma, but the exams didn't come with a written analysis, just the images. I guess they were trying to find out what was wrong about them.

  8. very nice. u have to go back there for more. i liked!!

  9. we will absolutely (: maybe when it stops raining :(

  10. i love the orange of the agfa gevaert boxes! my mother used to keep puzzles and other toys for me in those boxes when i was a child.
    (agfa gevaert is belgian, so they're very common in here)

  11. I see! that was an extremely cool thing to do (: