15 May 2010

sulla mia famiglia.

about my family*
I am staying with my mam and dad for a few days. they are rearranging my grandma's house and they have found some precious letters and photographs that I had never seen before.

nonna worked in different hotels: when she was young she worked in switzerland, that is why she was studying german.

• I didn't know my dad played the saxophone and I don't have many memories about my grandfather, since he died when I was so young - but I know he loved animals.

♡ these are the prettiest passport photos ever of my grandma ebe: she is just so beautiful, with or without make-up.

• most of these polaroids were taken by my dad: I was so happy when I found them because you can see my grandma's garden so well. the garden was so beautiful. and I love her riding her bike. it was summer 1968, but my grandma looked the same until she got ill, almost fifteen years ago.

• these two look like they could be the most recent ones. I love my dad's yellow shirt, and the decorations of the garden: they were the same for so many years, as I recall.
I am going to add these photos to my family photo album and treasure them forever. I believe my grandma's spirit still lives next to the roses of her garden, and that's what makes them so special.


  1. this is very beautiful Polly.. I am sure your grandma is with you every moment of your life and saving, collecting pictures and her memories can only streghten the link between you both..


  2. grazie Jacopo. I knew you would have appreciated this. <3

  3. polly wow what a post! n what wonderful things to find! this is the most heart melting post ever! i m moved really.

  4. really? aww (: thank you so much my dear amanda <3

  5. Emilia15.5.10

    ho le lacrime agli occhi aw.

  6. che bello che l'hai letto, nonostante il lavoro che hai da fare *_*

  7. (cara polly
    ti ho mai detto che la mia tesi tratta sulle foto di famiglia?
    magari ti faccio leggere qualcosina, e mi farebbe molto piacere farti delle domande che sto facendo ad alcuni amici sulle foto "trovate"

  8. hei! fantastico (: sarĂ² assolutamente felice di rispondere alle tue domande e molto onorata di leggere la tua tesi (:

  9. I just can't say anything but: ♥.

  10. and ps. I understood that you have some magic bond to Finland...?

  11. oh thank you Anna-Bel (:
    well, my "magic bond" with finland could be that I am moving up there to study in August and I will be staying there for 2 years (: