30 May 2010

''summer snapshots.

I have been a bad blogger lately, but I have decided to share with you some of the photos we took as the summer has finally started.
the brownish/sepia ones are PX 100's, while the colour ones are fujis fp100 and polaroids 125i. they have no pretentious artistic purpose: we just wanted to document a bit of the lovely time we are having.

✼ Milano is more than 25° hot these days.

Jacopo and I spent the weekend outside town and we visited some places I used to love when I was a little girl, like Villa Carlotta on Lake Como.

Timo came along so he had the chance to run free into the wild: doesn't he look lovely?
I also wanted to mention that on thursday I got the official letter from aalto university TAIK: I am moving to helsinki in august and my master course will start in early september.

{process to find a home in helsinki begins!}


  1. che bellissimo post <3
    you are right Polly, and I love when we are doing-visiting-watching things r
    together <3

  2. Emilia30.5.10

    e tornò il polaroid :) <3

  3. il polaroid tornò, ma la mia macchina non arrivò ancora dannazione :( spero in domani..

    p.s. jacopo <3<3<3

  4. very nice n well documented n u both look great but timo the greatest!! lol.
    it s good u got summer finally too. =D

  5. thank you amanda (: and timo says thank you very much!

  6. aaah så spännande !!
    is it hard to find a place there ??