21 May 2010


✻ time for some finnish specialties!

Jacopo and I wanted to bake some voipulla.
you can find the recipe here in finnish.

after a hard working afternoon, the result was quite good [not as good as the ones Jacopo's grandma bakes].

hyvää ruokahalua!


  1. I still think that karjalanpiirakat, ruispuuro, lanttulaatikko and lakkahillo are the best! I maybe should have known that voipulla is one of our specialties but I didn't... I'm not that fond of it either but I must admit that yours looks good. :)

  2. aw thanks (:
    I guess I got to try all the other specialties then when I am there :D

  3. aww <3 I love you Polly <3

  4. wow this looks so good. n the whole polaroid process too. very good!!

  5. oh yes (: they taste nice and they have no colour things added so you could have some too (:

  6. i'm sorry but i laugh so much about this word.
    from a swedish point of view a blog with this title would probably be very dirty haha.