08 June 2010


✻ weekend on the swiss alps

last time I was on the swiss alps must have been at least 10 years ago with emi and my mam and dad.

Jacopo and I bought a fuji fp-100b for my swinger: the shots came out nicely.

we spent a day walking around a beautiful mountain lake: the colours were bright and the weather wasn't too warm.

on our way back we discovered an extremely interesting looking building: the castelmur palace.

we got to try a packet of PX 600 (new edition for the classic polaroid 600), but the result wasn't that exciting: most of the shots didn't come out with a real shape and the black and white wasn't a real black and white but resembled the PX 100. as long as that package still belonged to the first flush of the PX 600, I hope for a much better version of the next flush: I miss the old polaroid 600 quite alot. ANYWAY*

despite the disappointment on PX 600, the visit inside the castle was interesting and really inspiring and the old village around the building was beautiful too.

some might think that I have been taking too many pointless photographs of my free time lately, but frankly I don't care: I am trying to save some memories of my italian summer before I leave for the great north.


  1. actually ur photo taking is amazing. it looks so much fun there n how beautiful everything is.
    keep shooting! <3

  2. I know you would have appreciated them amanda <3 thank you (:

  3. I envy you. For going north.
    I might do that one day, too. I hope so :)

  4. i want the swiss alps too.
    and i want some fuji fp-100b films, did they cost more than 100c?

  5. oh mayken but you are quite north already, I mean, netherlands are lovely to me.

    and johannes you should buy some 100b. actually they cost the same as 100c, they're just a bit harder to find.

  6. wonderful, i especially love the two last pics :)

  7. thank you alice (: I am glad you like them, since you're the queen of polaroids (: