11 July 2010


✻ about houses

I am going to accept HOAS offer and take a room in this apartment in vuosaari, east of helsinki. the rent is cheap and with electricty, water and internet connection included.
I don't know much about the house yet, but Jacopo and I are going to get the keys on friday the 16th as soon as we get to helsinki.

I wish I could move in with Jacopo, but this apartment is going to be a good start for me hopefully, as long as he visits me often.

this is a little wooden rabbit that Jacopo gifted me with: isn't he pretty?
I am going to bring him with me to finland, while I am waiting to be able to bring my sweet Timo.


  1. yay! polly s got a place to stay. n timo miniature looks awesome. hope u get ur perfect flat soon with the real timo n jacopo. =)

  2. grazie amanda (:
    I am quite excited about all of this moving thing (: I'll keep you posted of course!

  3. we are settling north *___*

  4. nice ! i can't wait for you to blog from there !!

  5. thank you alice (: I can't wait to post photos of the apartment after I've seen the place (:

  6. I am proud of you, I wish I could do the same thing. Just move to Scandinavia...
    I am actually preparing a piece of post for you right now, so... If you give me your Helsinki address it might become your first piece there :)

  7. that is so nice of you mayken I really can't wait to get it (: <3 thank you!
    I am going to give you my address as soon as I sign the contract: it's just a formality, but I want to be sure that everything is settled, before any letter will be sent.
    I am moving in in august, but I will get the keys quite soon (:

  8. yes of course, send it by mail if you got your place!
    I am moving too, to Antwerp this time :)

  9. oh wow (: antwerp sounds cool!
    I'll give ou my address as soon as I move in!