11 July 2010

with emi.

I have spent a week with Emi.
the day when I am moving to helsinki is getting closer and closer, so I have decided to spend sometime with my twin sister at my family house. Emi and I are really different, but she remains my best friend.

I have met Marco and I have appreciated his love for animals.

we spent almost everyday at the lake and I slowly started to get coloury.

when my beloved Jacopo joined us, we went for a walk up in the mountains.

he had his instax and I had my swinger III.

the forest and the view were absolutely breath-taking.

Jacopo is SISU because he always swims in cold water.
♡ I am sharing these snapshots as I want to recollect all the lovely moments.


  1. how beautiful all the photos. seems u r having fun. n well u ll be with emi too soon anyway. <3

  2. yes (: it was a very funny week, away from the heat of milano (: and I actually got tanned :P

  3. oh... I like this blog. and I really like the instax!