06 September 2010


¹ finnish expression to define something "wonderful".

today with the post came a beautiful postcard from my friend Pascal and at last my finnish personal security number - the one you need to do everything here in finland!

so - since the finnish government knows that I am a human actually living in this country - I could eventually get my student travel card!

I had to get myself a gift to celebrate: that was when I found this incredibly soft and adorable purse by "your soft arctic friends".
plus I had a wonderful afternoon with dear Maisa.
onko ihana? totta se on!

✻ I also wanted to share with you this magnificent card that my new friend Lille spotted for me in Valtteri flea market last saturday.


  1. Anonymous6.9.10

    (: looks like the things are getting better now (:
    I'm happy for you (:

  2. things will be AT THEIR BEST when you come here, my jacoponi.

  3. polly how great dear!!!

  4. I know you would have liked the bag (:

  5. che cose bellissime <3

  6. lo so (: quando vieni comperiamo anche il tuo pupazzetto your soft arctic friends <3

  7. polly i showed the bag to gina (my mum) n she seemed to love it too. hahaha. <3