08 September 2010


this strange word means "friend" in finnish. becoming friends with someone here isn't easy, but I feel like I have already found somebody that likes to spend her time with me and that makes me happy. and of course I have my all time friends who make me happy with their letters and phone calls.
letter from Miia.

dear Miia has just moved to Vaasa and I am planning to visit her soon. she sent a postcard of the city and a muumin card of one of my favourite episodes.

today I was in kierrätyskeskus - the reuse centre: I think it's a more sensible way of shopping. that's where I have also found out about Plan B and bought this wonderful skirt of theirs:

my Jacopo will be back here with me in less than 7 days now - he is making his own countdown!


  1. Anonymous8.9.10

    your Jacopo <3

    your lovely friends and findings *__*

  2. my lovely jacopo (: my my my jacopo <3

  3. wow polly. beautiful n u sound happier n wow for ur countdown jacopo. it s very good. ;)

  4. yes I am getting happier everyday. it feels like my place to be now (:

  5. aww *-*
    la gonna poi è bellissima, chissà come ti sta bene!

  6. devi vederla... sembra quasi una caramella. è davvero meravigliosa. quando vieni ti porto sicuramente in quel posto. ti porto in tutti i posti.

  7. Anonymous9.9.10

    il sito è pieno di vestiti meravigliosi infatti!

  8. hai visto?
    andiamoci insiemeeeeee *_*

  9. you showed me that place first <3