24 September 2010

a letter a day.

keeps the doctor away.
since I have moved to Finland I have started receving almost a letter each day and I think this is simply beautiful. TAIK keeps me busier than I could expect but I promise I will eventually write back with love.

✻ from Frances - she always travels the furthest.

✻ Emi had never written so many letters before.

✻ from Luciana - my dear old neighbor is keeping her promise to send me her collection of Milano postcards in the 80's.


  1. Anonymous24.9.10

    I really like you receiving so many letters (:
    and I like also being here with you and our nice life here in Helsinki <3

  2. I also would like to get more of you in the post. but I would prefer to be with you all the time. these days have been beautiful. <3

  3. luci top <3
    p.s. la mia scrittura di nuovo che imbarazzo XD e poi dai sono robe privateeee ahaha

  4. lo so. io bloggo sempre (o quasi) tutto. ma sono cose belle.