26 September 2010

♡ photodiary.

I want to share some photos I have taken over the past few weeks.

✻ the black and white shots are ilford sfx100 and the colour shots are fuji fp100.

lots of talitiainen, many varppunen and also a little sinitiainen are taking over the food balls on my windows: less than two weeks ago me and Jacopo bought a bucket of 60 food balls and there are only 20 left now!

I have spent the most wonderful days with Jacopo beside me: Helsinki was much more beautiful too.

✻ I took this in a special place near Seinäjoki: it's the site for one of the workshops I have joined in school... but I don't want to tell about it yet.

we visited some places we had never seen before in the city and we had our first night out at Orion Cinema: the best "alternative" cinema of Helsinki.

we went back to kaunis Suomenlinna.

✻ check out the jackets me and Jacopo are wearing: both Valtteri flea market findings!

PX70 didn't work out so good this time - it must be the weather that is getting colder - but Jacopo took his video camera around and I may be sharing some videos later.
once again it was very hard to watch my Jacopo depart on the 615 to vantaa airport earlier on today, but I don't want to tell about this - instead I want to tell you two good news:
I am going to visit him and my family in italy for a weekend in october!
we have applied for a family appartment through HOAS and we are now waiting for their response!


  1. Anonymous26.9.10

    the days spent together in Helsinki were beautiful and I am really happy of it (: I am really proud of you studying a Taik and of all your new projects, workshops and things <3
    sarà sempre più bello insieme vedrai *___*

    PS: presto poi andremo a trovare anche i nonni!

  2. everyday is one day closer to the day we will be living together. I can't wait. <3 grazie jacoponi <3

  3. Anonymous26.9.10

    <3 Pollyni..
    e che bellissimo il Sinitiainen *__*

    ti amo tanto tanto <3 <3 <3

  4. awww bello vero? è l'uccellino più bello del mondo <3

  5. le foto sono davvero belle, quella degli uccellini poi *-* <3
    non vedo l'ora che arrivi :)

  6. anch'io non vedo l'ora di vedervi. sarà breve ma intenso. non vedo l'ora di abbracciarti e il papà e la mamma <3 (:

  7. i love all the photos n how amazing the news are!!!

  8. awww (: thank you amanda (:

  9. wow, they're all amazing.
    be our eyes there ! we need to know how it looks in Finland !

  10. aw (: I will try alice (: