28 October 2010


on monday I have visited seurasaari with Jacopo. everything on the little island was extremely inspirational: I felt a strong happiness between those birds and trees. I am so glad a place like that exists and it exists so close to the city where I am living now.
photos of the experience - film scans of a sensia 200 + instaxs.

the birds were coming to eat from our hands! - Jacopo prepared some little pieces of kanelipulla for them.

I have never seen such outgoing squirrells - they were really trying to get our attention.

seurasaari has millions of different birds feeders hanging from the trees: I am planning to build some like those for my windows.

P.S. new birds I have encountered.

✻ a gift from Pilar and Maria.

some bird love from thailand.

25 October 2010


me and Jacopo had finally the chance to visit kruunuvuori last thursday!

photographs were taken with a 1600 color sensia - which was perfect for the dark rainy day plus a few instax shots.
as soon as my professor Catherine told me about kruunuvuori I decided I wanted to take a trip there with Jacopo: there is something mysterious and beautiful about this place that not even the photographs could give away totally.
I advise you to visit it yourselves!

19 October 2010


I have decided to dedicate a film roll to finnish nature - at least the one that I experience everyday since I am here but that still amazes me.
in my "backyard":

✻ lately I have a new visitor at my "birds restaurant": a beautiful woodpecker.
I have found sometime to revisit a great place: the luonnontieteelliseen museo.
in the museum:

✻ I like how time seems to have stopped in the museum.
I am looking forward for the snow time to take more nature shots. and I need to find a proper photo album where to put all these new finland photographs - gifts are allowed and well accepted!