28 October 2010


on monday I have visited seurasaari with Jacopo. everything on the little island was extremely inspirational: I felt a strong happiness between those birds and trees. I am so glad a place like that exists and it exists so close to the city where I am living now.
photos of the experience - film scans of a sensia 200 + instaxs.

the birds were coming to eat from our hands! - Jacopo prepared some little pieces of kanelipulla for them.

I have never seen such outgoing squirrells - they were really trying to get our attention.

seurasaari has millions of different birds feeders hanging from the trees: I am planning to build some like those for my windows.

P.S. new birds I have encountered.

✻ a gift from Pilar and Maria.

some bird love from thailand.


  1. seurasaari is known especially for its' squirrels! lovely photos ♥

  2. we got to go back together also :) promise :)

  3. che cose meravigliose *-*
    mancano solo i cerbiatti!
    quando vengo mi porti :) <3

  4. ci sono le lepri perĂ² :)

  5. (: best things are the things of us together *__*

  6. fantastic polly. how does it feel having wild birds eating from ur hands?

  7. it feels awesome amanda :) they tickle your palm :) I felt on top of the world :)